DCMX Threaded Funnels with Funnel Buddy

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The NEW DCMX Funnels with the Funnel Buddy holder is what every motorcycle enthusiast needs! 

It includes a funnel, funnel holder, a catch bottle that threads into the base of the holder that comes with a lid that sits on the funnel holder. The funnel buddy is designed to be mounted onto the wall. There are 2 screw holes for mounting.

Add magnetic backing for $1.95 that will allow you to stick the Funnel Buddy to any metal surface!

Made in America by Rev3D!!


M16 x 2: Honda 250/450 (Red) 

M18 x 1.5: Kawasaki 250/450 (Green) 

M20 x 2.5: Suzuki/Yamaha 250/450 (Blue)

M24 x 3.0: KTM OEM PN 79430020033 (KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS) (Orange)