Electrical Disconnect Pliers

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Most people HATE dealing with electrical connectors. Alot of times they are in tight places, can't get a good grip on them, and just an overall pain in the ass! These are perfect for every mechanic's toolbox!

  • Easily Removes Locking Push Tab Style Electrical Connectors Found on ECU's, Stator Harnesses, Fuel Pumps, Mass Air Flow Sensors, Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coils and Other Applications.
  • Use the hook on the end of the pliers to pull out tab to unlock and then use the point to engage the tab.
  • Squeeze the tabs together and lift to separate the connector from sensor without damage.
  • Allows the technician to use the tool with one hand, and to work on sensors in tight spots.
  • The tool is 8" long and has dual durometer grips for comfort.
  • LISLE 37960