Fasstco Spoke Torque Wrench Kit

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Included is the torque wrench, 6.0, 6.2, 6.5, 6.7, 6.8 heads.


We introduced the Spoke Torque Wrench, an industry first, in the summer of 1998. At that time wheel maintenance was uncharted territory and we quickly realized the value of providing an even pull throughout the entire wheel. We manufacture the wrench in-house in our machine shop, it's 100% American Made by riders for riders. After assembly each wrench is tested and calibrated to ensure accuracy and consistency. 

The preset Spoke Torque Wrench comes set at 48 inch pounds. 48 inch pounds is not abusive to your wheel's components and will not loosen up rapidly on severe impacts. The wrench can be preset to your specificationsor use our recommendation. 48 inch pounds is ideal for everything 85cc on up. 36 inch pounds is best for 65cc and smaller.  We are always happy to discuss your torque concerns, call us at any time.