Lincoln Heavy Duty Lever Action Manual Grease Gun with Rigid Extension

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Features and Benefits:

    • Jam-proof toggle mechanism provides years of trouble-free service
    • Premium dual-lip follower eliminates grease bypass for a cleaner work environment and no wasted grease
    • Accessible check valve allows for easy cleaning of hardened and/or contaminated grease
    • Precision-machined plunger and bore prevents bypass and airlock

Since 1910, agriculture, construction, industrial and vehicle service facilities require tools that withstand rugged and frequent use in demanding environments. The Lincoln 1142 heavy-duty lever-action manual grease gun is an industry standard and is time-tested and proven and Includes a 6-inch rigid extension to meet all lubrication tasks. This gun's dual lip follower virtually eliminates grease bypass allowing users full utilization of grease and provides a cleaner lubricating experience. The accessible check valve allows for easy cleaning and removal of hardened or contaminated grease.At every farm, construction site, automobile repair shop and industrial plant, maintenance professionals need high quality lubrication equipment and pumping products. Lincoln offers everything you need for lubrication. Our general-purpose and heavy-duty pumps, hose reels, meters and controls, used fluid systems and hand-held lubrication products are the best in the industry. LINCOLN – THE BRAND THE PROS DEMAND.