Motocross Steering Stem Bearing Greaser

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Packing steering stems with grease can be a messy job, and not very fun. Most all new bikes have ZERO grease in the attesting stem bearing and should be greased when new. Steering stem bearings should be checked frequently and re greased every 10-20 hours depending on riding conditions. 

introducing the JP167 Steering Stem bearing grease packer. Turn that no fun messy job into something quick, easy and clean. All you need a grease gun with your favorite grease and boom, job made easy!!! 

Works on most Japanese and European motocross bikes 125cc-450cc

 Color may vary.


Instructions: When putting grease gun on fitting make sure it is not too tight on the zerk fitting. If you have to forcefully slide it over the zerk fitting on the tool it is too tight. It is recommended that you loosen your chuck on your grease gun to accommodate the fitting. Pump full of grease while rotating grease tool for best results.