Works Chassis Lab 2018-24 Suzuki RM-Z450 Aluminum Top Engine Hangers and Front Engine Brackets

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Developed alongside the HEP Suzuki squad and Adam Enticknap, the goal of these hangers and mounts were to "soften" the extremely rigid 2018-20 RM-Z450 chassis while still retaining Suzuki's well known handling characteristics. Our "medium" top hangers give the RM-Z chassis the flex it needs to add comfort and take harsh reactions off of braking acceleration chop, overall improving rear wheel traction as well due to the change in flex and load.

Up front, we have a "medium" and "soft" option. Medium is the choice of 722 to retain front end traction and feedback needed in Supercross while still allowing for some extra give in the headstay and front cradle of the frame. Our soft option is for those looking for an extra degree of comfort from the front end of the machine. Our medium/medium combo is what we best recommend for the racer looking to maximize the handling and comfort of their RM-Z, while our medium/soft we direct towards the rider looking to get the most comfort and long moto comfort from their Suzuki.