Works Chassis Lab 2019-2023 Kawasaki KX450 Aluminum Engine Hangers and Titanium Brackets

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Our "Medium" top engine hangers are meant to compliment the already compliant 2019-2020 KX450 chassis and add even more comfort under acceleration. along with entrance through mid-corner compliancy. On top of that, they take a bit of the edge off under braking, rounding out to give your new KX more comfort and feel, especially in more hard packed and square edge conditions. They also increase the roll feel of the KX, making lean angles easier to accomplish when entering and exiting corners. When coupled with our titanium front engine mounts, the comfort is also adjoined to the increased front end traction and and stability offered by those mounts, so we highly recommend them as a set. Come outdoors, these were the choice of Tyler Bowers and more.

Our "stiff" tops aren't as comfort focused as our "Medium" option, they still take the edge off of the KX450 chassis but retain more of a precise rear end feel under load and acceleration. Coupled with our front titanium brackets, they improve the KX450's turn in ability and responsiveness in corner entry.

Up front, we have two options of titanium engine brackets, with a "Stiff" and "Medium" option. Looking for the turn in response and planted feel of a Suzuki? Stiff is the way to go, while our medium mounts retain more of the stock feel on the KX450 while still enhancing the front response a bit. 

Produced from 7075 T6 aluminum, these mounts have been tested and raced by the likes of the Factory Kawasaki team, Tyler Bowers, and more. Questions? Email us and we'll answer any inquiries.