Works Chassis Lab 2019-23 Yamaha YZ250F Aluminum Engine Hangers and Titanium Brackets

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As seen on and raced by the Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha, our '19-22 YZ250F top engine hangers (and front engine brackets, sold separately) are a hit with the whole team. As riders Dylan Ferrandis, Mitchell Oldenburg, Colt Nichols, and Justin Cooper have all chosen tp use the product after their pre-season testing. Our goal was to take the YZ250F's chassis, give it the front end traction and cornering confidence found on their competitors bikes, while maintaining or even adding to the comfort found in the stock YZ250F chassis. Our top hangers come in two options with a stiff and soft version.

Currently the Star Racing uses our "stiff" top hangers along with our "stiff" front option as they're looking for optimal traction while adding a bit of comfort in all conditions. We also offer a "soft" version of both mounts which we more recommend for the weekend racer who wants more feel and confidence from their YZ250F, but without any sacrifice in comfort. You can also combine, as the MX101 team in Canada runs our stiff front and soft top option for their tighter, more quare edged tracks. While our mounts are available separately, we highly recommend picking up both the hangers and brackets to get the best out of your bike.