Works Chassis Lab 21-24 Honda CRF450R / CRF450RX Aluminum Top Hangers and Titanium Front Mount

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he new 2021 CRF450R is a more relaxed version of the prior generation, easier to setup, but still a bit rigid at times and needing some comfort. Our "soft" option is designed for the off-road racer in-mind or just those who are looking to get the most comfort out of their CRF. Our "Mid" design is our most commonly used, with top Supercross racers (such as the MotoConcepts race team) choose this option due to the added comfort to the chassis but without taking away from the responsiveness that the stock option provides. Lastly is our "stiff" option, this increase the responsiveness of the chassis but adds a bit of energy transfer to the rider. We recommend these for riders who constantly ride in softer conditions and want the most feedback from their bike.

Additionally, each of our front mounts add to the amount of front end traction and connected to ground feel, along with front end stability under loads. Want a little more? Check out our medium mounts for cornering gains without loss of comfort. Lookin for the more extreme? Check out our stiff option to maximize traction and stability but be prepared to possibly make small fork adjustments, depending on surface and riding style, to maximize comfort as well.